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Telephone: +36 1 425 5018
E-mail: hamptons@hamptons.hu


Hamptons Kft. is committed to providing true service quality to its customers. Due to our more than 20 years history, as well as our high quality, Hamptons Ltd. has remarkable references. We have customers in UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France and China who have been using us for years with confidence:

– Atlas Copco Group – Tentec (UK),
– Nord-Lock Inc. – Boltight (UK),
– TensionPro (UK),
– Lafei GmbH (CH),
– KSB SE & Co. KGaA (DE),
– V Installations Mechanical Handling Ltd – Inertia (UK),
– Albany Pumps (UK),
– Ateknik (UK),
– CERN (CH).

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